Welcome to Salty Life Mom

Hi! Welcome to my salty life!

I’m Dawn, the author, heart, and soul of thesaltylifemom.com. This website was created for you!

I am on a passionate mission to share real life, honest faith, and low-sodium healthy cooking with all of you. Just like you, I learn new things every day about myself, living healthy, and being a wife and mom. I want to live a salty and spicy life to the fullest because Jesus has given me joy, grace, mercy, and freedom to do just that!
I have been a registered nurse since 1999 so I know a thing or two about being healthy. My family would say I take healthy, holistic choices to a whole new level…
Every person I have cared for through the years has changed me. You will see them reflected in what I write.

So, who am I really? I love cooking but find it constricting to follow a recipe. I love gardening as long as everything is in neat little rows with no weeds. I love organizing and decorating…and making sure everything matches and is symmetrical when I’m done. I love reading books…on the beach with an iced tea. I love traveling the United States in our mini-van. I love laughing with my family…and jokes from Laffy Taffy wrappers. Oh, and I like writing. A lot. You can subscribe to my email newsletter to find out how much…

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My family…meine familie…mi familia…

My mom picked out my husband.  More on that in a later post.

Anyway, I am happily married to my high-school sweetheart, Todd, since 1999. My husband is a registered nurse in graduate school or “a professional student of science and health” as I like to call him.  His perseverance is amazing!  His goal is to one day have a hobby besides studying.  He is full of wit and wisdom and he makes me laugh on a daily basis.  Thanks, Mom.

We have four decidedly unique kids spanning an 8-year stretch.

The oldest is our only daughter, Cassie.  She is beautifully determined and in control of every situation.  She holds those around her to high-standards and herself to even higher ones.  Follow me on Facebook and Pinterest so she can officially spend time running my social media.  Oh, and we made the most mistakes on her since she was the first.  We had to practice on someone.

Our second is our oldest son, Kaden.  He is logical and strong inside and out.  He is kind and he listens with his heart but is deep, down to his soul.  His quiet brown eyes hear everything, if that’s possible…

Then came our third child, Benjamin.  As in biblical times, we thought he would be our last so he was named by my sister.  He has his father’s sense of humor and considers life his stage.  He is the first to offer his help and the last to give up on any problem.  He is the delightful reflection of our first child.

Then came Isaiah.  He is the smallest and the most introspective.  He learned everything faster than the others because they fought over who could teach him a new trick first, like he was a new puppy!  He is a reflection of our second child.  Weird, how their personalities happened in pairs…

I have one blue-eyed cat, one blue-eyed dog, and one blue-eyed identical twin sister.  She’s probably thinking about me right now, too.

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  1. Your story brought a huge smile to my heart today! Many blessings to you and your very special family!

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